04. januar 2012


About a week ago I wrote a post about Pink Shatter by OPI. And today I have some pictures of Black Shatter for you :)

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  1. oh it looks gorgeous! I wanna use my shatter again! really really pretty <3 I love the way you made it crakle!

  2. Although the shatter/crackle polishes are a bit "been there, done that"-by everyone, I still like the effect it gives.

    Just bought 2 new colors of crackle polishes myself... They keep attractive to me :)

    ♥ this combo!

  3. bas volim kombinaciju roze podloge i crnog crackle-a lijepo mi ovo izgleda

  4. Nailderella: thank you :)

    KimsKie's Nails : I like the effect too :) I want more colors of crackles...

    Ana: res je fajn ja :)

    Lendoxia: hvala :)


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