I decided to show you what is in my bag.

At first..my favourite bag - Guess.


A wallet - yes, it's not original :$, but two years ago when I bought it, I really liked it, because of the color, size, material.. and now I'm looking for the new one
sunglasses - I bought it two years ago but I still liked it
Blackberry cell phone -  I love the cell phone cases and now I have three different and my phone is every month in new dress ;)
hand cream - I need it every day
cosmetic bag - there is sooo many things as you can see on the last picture

2 komentarja

  1. joooj kok mas lep mobi:)))... Jz mam tud tak ovitek za očala, čeprav niso diesel ampak versus:) ...res je super, ker je tako trd, da se lahko usedes na ovitek pa ne zlomi ocal:) pa jz mam tud tako ogledalce/krtačko not:) hmm vidim, da moram tu tud jz narest tale post, k vse blogerke kazete vsebino torbic:) haha..ne smem bit izjema;:)

  2. Res luštn ovitek na mobiju <3 Pa lepa torbica!