Hello :)

Yesterday was my 21st birthday and today I am gonna show you my birthday nails and gifts I get. For birthday manicure I used just Nubar - Petunia sparkle nail polish, because I didn't have time to do something with Konad. I get also so many gifts and I love all of them <3.

So, the manicure first..

Every morning I drink coffee and tea with my best neighbours :) And there is gift from them:

On the door is written: Happy Birthday Tina, yours ''kofetarce'' (this means girls I drink coffee with them).

From these girls I get also unique Louis Vuitton bag :), belt, ring and Bruno Banani perfume.

Taja, Sanja, Sabina and Lili thank you again ;)

And there is Guess watch I got from my boyfriend. I already have a silver one, so this time I want gold :)

 I like Guess jewellery very much, so there is another Guess thing - necklace :)

 That necklace is matching with bracelet which I get one year ago:

 And finnaly there are my UGGs <3. Maybe you don't like them, but I want these boots last three years and I love it :)

Do you like any of gifts I get? I love all of them and I'm very happy to get every of them.

Thank you, bye bye :)

7 komentarjev

  1. Super manikura, jaz imam tudi ta lakec gor (no, danes menjam). Lepa darila si dobila, čisto vse je <3 Upam, da si lepo preživela svoj dan:*

  2. Manikura je super :) in ful luštna darila si dobila, upam da si lepo praznovala :P

  3. ful lepa barva lakca....:) pa super darila:):)...

  4. Sama super darila! <3 Lak je pa itak prekrasen! :)

  5. Belated birthday wishes to you Tinna. Hope you had a super day. WOW, lovely presents and fab colour on nails. x

  6. waw ful lepa darila, prstan je pa WAW!!! drugače ti pa želim vse najlepše in najboljše

  7. this nubar is just crazy!
    the presents are so awsome :)